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by Deirdre Murphy

Announcing the Launch of Meridian Healthcare Consulting!

Dec 11, 2020

Are you one of the 22 million people that found themselves in job transition due to the unprecedented COVID-19  crisis?  I am!  After 30+ years in healthcare, 8 years with my most recent employer, I found myself unemployed and in unchartered territory. 

Thankfully my instinct to be a life-long learner kicked in and I found myself learning everything I could about the job search process.  OH…How things have changed!  This led me to a great career coach, a job transition support group, and numerous self-help books.  After miles of daily walks, and support of family and friends, my passion and personal mission have never been more-clear.  That is to continue using my leadership talents and experiential knowledge to create innovative solutions so healthcare organizations can provide the most reliable and safe patient care there is.

I’m excited to officially launch Meridian Healthcare Consulting, LLC!  Together we can mitigate risks using clear strategies and tools to ensure the safety of your patients and employees.  There is nothing more imperative than healthcare’s journey to ZERO harm!

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